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AZUMI Performance Sets

AZUMI News AZUMI Products 09/04/2020

For a limited time AZUMI is offering an attractive set of free accessories with every AZUMI flute from the Z1- or Z2-series.

HERCULES music stand (HCBS-030BB)

The new and compact music stand by HERCULES, including a bag for transport, is the ideal companion for a safe gig.

HERCULES TravLite flute stand (HCDS-460B)

The stand is very handy and can be easily fit in the  footjoint of your flute.

AZUMI Backpack for flutes (AZKBB1, included in the sets with Z2 flutes)

Equipped with fluffy cloth inside, including two special pockets for a safe transport of your flute and the music stand and further space for your music sheets and accessories.

It´s your choice:

AZUMI Z1-series “performance set”

Including the HERCULES music and flute stand.

AZUMI Z2-series “performance set”

Including the HERCULES music and flute stand aswell as the stylish AZUMI backpack made for flutes.

AZUMI Z-Series

AZUMI Z-Series

The Z-series is characterized by an easy articulation, thanks to the Z-cut, the angular form of the lip-plate.

The series is standing out with its powerful sound and precise focus of the tone. Therefore it supports fluteplayers where they need it the most, i.e. as a soloist in an ensemble or orchestra.

The Z1-series has a lip-plate and riser made of sterling silver, offering you refined sound.

The Z2-series is offering more possibilities for tonal expression and flexibility thanks to the sterling silver headjoint, lip-plate and riser.

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