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Express your own personality and musical style

AZUMI Products AZUMI News 04/25/2019

Only for a short period of time we offer you an additional crown to refine every headjoint of a new AZUMI AZS2RE with a hand-made engraving of your name on the Britannia silver crown.

With the purchase of an AZS2RE you get an exclusively refined crown made of Britannia silver, with your name engraved.
Add your flute an individual touch and develop your very own musical style. Just send the card, which you find inside your flute case, back to us and you will receive a refined crown for your new flute – free of charge!

"With the AZUMI AZS2RE you can perfectly underline your musical personality and unfold your very own imagination of sound. The headjoint offers you so many possibilities of expression – it´s simply astounding."
Claudia Wälder-Jene
AZUMI ambassador

Get an exclusively refined crown with your name engraved.

The S-cut of the Sterling silver (925) lipplate allows a sophisticated figuration of your sound.
The Britannia silver (958) headjoint supports the creation of a diverse sound.

Open holes offer different, modern playing techniques.

With every AZUMI Flute you get an elegant velvet-lined wooden case, including a bag, cleaning rod and cloth.

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