Personal, colourful and expressive sound with all dynamic shading possibilities and a slightly higher blowing resistance.

The flute features an even and light response throughout the entire flute scale.  The professional design with French pointed key arms allows for greater stability of the mechanism, especially in intensive periods of practice.  

The headjoint is made of Britannia silver (958). The lip plate and the headjoint riser are made of Sterling silver (925).


ALTUS headjoint with S-Cut

The handcrafted ALTUS headjoint for the S-Series models is characterized by the oval shape of the mouth hole, the S-Cut. The wide blowing edge allows a very fast response and full sound. The sound character of this series is supported by the use of 958 Britannia silver.

Britannia silver (958) headjoint

Thanks to the high silver content, the Britannia silver headjoint with 95.8% has a slightly denser sound characteristic and enables a wide range of tonal facets for advanced players.

Body made of nickel silver, silver-plated

The material is characterized by high strength and corrosion resistance and allows a quick response.


The inline design means that the G and A flaps are positioned in line with the rest of the flaps. This construction method is particularly in demand in the French flute tradition.

Open hole keys

Open hole keys are a modern development and enable technical refinements that are not possible with closed hole keys. For example, there are special alternative grips, especially for modern playing techniques. The open hole keys can be closed at any time with silicone plugs included in the accessories.

Case, bag and cleaning rod

The scope of delivery of each AZUMI flute includes an elegant, high-quality velvet-lined wooden case, a matching lined case pocket as well as a wiper rod and cleaning cloth.

B- foot joint

The B-foot extends the range of a flute by a semitone to the minor B. Due to the longer tube, the timbre is a bit more muted and the intonation of especially high notes is a little easier.


HeadjointHandmade S-Cut, Britannia silver (958)
Lip plateSterling silver (925)
Headjoint riserSterling silver (925)
BodySilver-plated nickel silver
MechanismSilver-plated nickel silver
Foot jointB foot
KeysOpen holes, French pointed keys, Inline
TuningA= 442Hz
AccessoriesIncluding an original AZUMI flutecase and -bag