Experience the fascinating tone of an AZUMI flute

High Quality

The emphasis on high quality in the production process is vital to meet relevant requirements and preferences of advanced flutists.

Brilliant sound

With this in mind, AZUMI offers two series, each with different sound characteristics, provided by the professional ALTUS headjoints.


Test the AZUMI flutes in both series to find the perfect instrument, which reflects your personal musical style and expression.

The AZUMI catalogue

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AZUMI flutes with ALTUS Z-Cut headjoint

  • EASY ARTICULATION, powerful sound and precise focus of tone.
  • THIS SERIES is characterised by the angular form of the lip-plate - the Z-Cut.
  • THE SOUND CHARACTER of this series is determined by the use of Sterling silver (925).
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AZUMI flutes with ALTUS S-Cut headjoint

  • BEAUTIFUL OPEN TONE with increased positive resistance.
  • THIS SERIES is recognisable by the oval form of the lip-plate - the S-Cut.
  • THE SOUND CHARACTER of this series is determined by the use of Britannia silver (958).
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Handmade ALTUS headjoints

AZUMI flutes are available in two series, which offer you a wide range of sound possibilities with their individual cut of the lip-plate, the silver-material and referent sound characteristics.

In the Z series you will find the for flute making typical and popular Sterling silver (925) material, in combination with the Z-Cut mouth hole design for a quick and easy response; in the S series that the exclusive Britannia silver (958) is used, with the S-Cut lip-plate design offering higher blowing resistance and fascinating sound colours.