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The AZUMI Britannia silver body flute AZS3RBE

AZUMi flute AZ-S3RBE

Open holes and a wider range of tones

The AZUMI AZS3RBE comes with an ALTUS S-Cut Britannia silver (958) headjoint, lip-plate and riser are made of Sterling silver (925). The french pointed key-arms are giving an increased stability to the mechanism. Open holes allow numerous additional handles and effects like glissando, multiphonics and microtones. The body of the flute is made of silverplated nickel silver, it is pitched in 442 Hz. The flute has an offset G and a B-foot joint.

Flute with B-foot

Headjoint: ALTUS Handmade S-Cut, britannia silver (958)
Lip-plate: sterling silver (925)
Riser: sterling silver (925)
Body: britannia silver (958)
Mechanism: silver-plated nickel silver, french pointed key-arms
Pitch: A = 442 Hz
Open holes  
Offset G

The tonal character is supported by the use of 958 Britannia silver for the body and the headjoint

Flute graphic


ALTUS Handmade S-Cut
Britannia silver (958)
Lip-plate: sterling silver (925)
Riser: sterling silver (925)


Silver-plated nickelsilver
French pointed key-arms
Open holes


The B foot extends the tonal range down half a tone


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AZUMI flutist
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