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The AZUMI nickelsilver flute AZZ1E

AZZ1E Flute

Closed holes for an easier fingering

The AZUMI nickel silver flute AZZ1E comes with an ALTUS Z-Cut headjoint for easy articulation, powerful and precise focus of tone. The french pointed key-arms are giving an increased stability to the mechanism, with closed holes. The body of the flute is made of silver-plated nickel silver and is pitched in 442 Hz. The flute has an offset G.

Easy Fingering

Headjoint: ALTUS Handmade Z-Cut, silver-plated nickelsilver
Lip-plate: sterling silver (925)
Riser: sterling silver (925)
Body: silver-plated nickelsilver
Mechanism: silver-plated nickelsilver, french pointed key-arms
Pitch: A = 442 Hz
Closed holes
Offset G 

The tonal character of this series is supported by the use of 925 Sterling silver for lip-plate and riser.

flute lipplate



ALTUS Handmade Z-Cut
Silver-plated nickelsilver
Lip-plate: sterling silver (925)
Riser: sterling silver (925)


Silver-plated nickelsilver
French pointed key-arms
Closed holes




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